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Interview with Voltaire 666 from DEIPHAGO (English version) 


The ultimate annihilation in audio torture DEIPHAGO is coming soon to Japan!!
This interview is for the promo of the Japan tour.
(Japanese version)

Q1 Japanese extreme metal maniacs are excited after hearing that Deiphago Asian tour includes the show in Japan. Have you ever been to Japan?
Salutes! This will be our first time ever in Japan and we are looking forward to it!

Q2 Tell me about your image of Japan. 

It would be awesome to see the Japanese temples where the Samurais went to before they make their kill. Japan has a God of war similar to the Philippines. Tradition and vast cultural heritage is a must see in Japan.

Q3 Can you remember anything when you created Deiphago in Philippines, 1989? Singapore black/death metal bands like Abhorer and Impiety are known well as South Asian underground metal legends. At that moment, was there “metal scene” in Philippines? 

Deiphago-demo 1991We started the death/ black metal scene in the Philippines back in 1989 as Satanas. We later changed our name to Deifago in 1990 and released our first demo in 1991. I used to be in contact with Makoto of Occult Grinder zine, he interviewed us on his 3rd issue. We released two more demos, demo 1993 and demo 1997 and were given to inner and select allies. We were very much active in our country playing live and even formed the Asiatic black metal circle in the Philippines with local bands Kambing and Ebwa.


Q4 The early Deiphago in Philippines was sounded like Sarcofago and Hellhammer, and gradually added Blasphemy, Beherit and so on Black/Death/Grind influence. At the time, how did you get the foreign band’s material? Trade? 

I did a lot of trading with the bands and also got promos as I was doing a fanzine back then, Warewolf zine. I was in contact with Euronymous(Mayhem), Beherit, Impaled Nazarere, and Marduk when they don’t even have any albums out yet. Some of them would send me recorded stuff of different bands compiled on cassette. I bought my Beherit Dawn of Satan’s Millenium 7” straight from Turbo back when it was first released.

Q5 Why did you stop the band from 1998-2004? Because Sidapa and you relocated to Costa Rica? 

Living in the Philippines is a lot different culture than any other country. You wouldn’t survive with just the band. We had to go and live our mundane lives in order to support ourselves. We also had problems with drummers as they cannot keep up with our standards. 


Q6 Do you have the plans to reissue 1st album “Satanik Eon”? In Japan, 2nd album “Filipino Antichrist” from Hell Headbangers and split w/Abigail & Ironfist from Slava Productions are known well because it is difficult to get 1st album in Japan. 

Satanik Eon will have a cassette tape reissue via Von Frost records, Canada in June and will be limited to 100 copies. The die-hard version will include a Satanik Iron Cross pendant. Get a hold of Von Frost before they’re all gone. http://vonfrostrecords.blogspot.ca/


Q7 2nd album is called “the ultimate annihilation in audio torture” by Hell Headbangers. I agree. How did you make up? What is the based on? Satanism, Anti-Christ, South Asian pride, anger, hatred...?? 

Back when “Filipino Antichrist” was released. There was no band harsher than us and I still think there is none even now. We wanted to release the most chaotic album ever at that time. The most Satanic evil music put into record and that is what we have achieved with the 2nd album. It is a classic on its own right and has influenced a lot of bands around the world.


Q8 3rd album “Satan Alpha Omega” and 4th album “Into the Eye of Satan” have more deeply chaotic style. I think that hardcore like Siege brought the style, right? 

Back when the 2nd album was released we called ourselves the Siege of black metal. The 3rd and 4th albums have more technical stuff in them yet it retains the chaotic madness of the first two albums. We always push the limits of bestial black metal with each new release. If you listen to all our albums you will see the progression that happened in each one. No one sounds like us and we don’t sound like anyone. We are the one and only Deiphago, the ultimate annihilation in audio torture.


Q9 What are you looking forward to the most in Japan? 

To finally play and desecrate the stages in Japan!

Q10 Would you express your wish for this Asian tour?


To inflict upon the Asian hordes the violence that resonates from our music!

Q11 Do you have a plan to release DVD movie or Any format music of this Asian tour?

We shall see. It all depends on the material that we can gather.

Q12 At last, please tell me your message to Japanese metal maniacs.

Keep the black flame burning! Hail to all you Japanese maniacs who support us!

All Thanks. We're waiting for you in Japan!

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Anthology - E.P. AND SPLITS (2006 - 2012)
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