【2011】 今年買ったCDリスト 




Atmospheric/Depressive Black
The Stars Are Dead Now (2011 Re-Release) / Coldworld
Величие / Drevo
For The Fallen / Mourning Dawn
Goodbye Love... Hello Heartache… / Hanging Garden
Dark World of Men / Patriarch

Avant-Garde/Post/Shoe-gaze Black
Two Hunters / Wolves In The Throne Room
Wurmer Zu Weinen / Todesstoss
Abwegnis 121 / Todesstoss
Eine Momentaufnahme - Der Rest ist nur Einsamkeit / Thranenkind
Quietly, Undramatically / Woe
Aesthethica / Liturgy
The Path Of Liberation From Birth And Death / Njiqahdda

Black Metal
Centuries of Sorrow / Obtained Enslavement
Into The Cunt Of Chaos / Satan's Almighty Penis
Satanic Black Devotion / Sargeist
Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne / Horna
Eskhata / Catamenia
Forest Poetry / Ildjarn
The Passion Of The Devil / Bloodhammer
Winternight Tragedies / Catamenia
Nokturn / De Profundis
The Luciferian Doctrine / Nosvrolok
VVorldVVithoutEnd / Katharsis
Aura Damnation / Divina Inferis
Disciples Of Supremacy / Urgrund
In Darkness I Reign / Cainan Dawn
Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey / Dodsferd
Loudun La Maudite / Arphaxat
Muspellz Synir / Nåstrond
Nomen Nostrum Legio / Bloodrain
Sanojesi Äärelle / Horna
The Black Metal Flame / Decayed
The Womb Of Primordial Nature / October Falls
Depression Of Surtr / Moloch
Kembatinan Premaster / Havohej
Only True Believers / Armagedda
Victorious March / Dark Managarm
2nd Demo / Fatal Desolation
Catacombs of Blood / Drowning The Light
Despair / Valhom
Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration / Nocturnal Blood
Gorugoth / Gorugoth
Rockin' Underground / Hell Darkness
XES Haereticum / Enthroned
Beginning / Gorugoth
Cold Starless Moonless / Fatal Desolation

Pagan Black/NSBM
Rdjandalir / Branikald
As A Song In The Harvest Of Grief / Forest
Blikk Av Kald / Branikald
The Fate Worse Than Death / Thor's Hammer
Toten Für Wotan / Wolfnacht
By The Wing Of Black / M8l8th
For the Blood of Hinterland / V/A
1 Litre Of Blood / Ungern
Blooddrenched Memorial 1994 - 2002 / Kristallnacht
Der Untergang der alten Welt / Heimdalls Wacht
Petrified Breath Of Hope / Ohtar
Tormenting Legends II / V/A
Die Rückkehr Wotans / Amalek
Human Fuel Of Death / Ohtar
Asgard Mysteries / Lascowiec
Zornes Heimat / Odal
Ще Позволим Ли Да Погребат Родината Ни? - Return to the battleland / V/A
Grudzien Za Grudniem / Furia
The Voice of Steel / Nokturnal Mortum
Nichtorte Oder Die Geistreise Des Runenschamanen / Heimdalls Wacht
Saligia / Dark Fury
Siste Indre / Sarath
Pure Black Evil / Evil
Varjot / Goatmoon

Raw/War Black
Devotos Del Diablo / V/A
In Memories Of Fire / Nekroholocaust
War is the only way / War for War
Whore Of Bethlehem / Archgoat
Dignity Of Terror / Demonic Slaughter
Bestial Black Metal Filth / Anal Blasphemy
Black Putrescence Of Evil / Teitanblood
Execration Of Cruel Bestiality / Proclamation
Volkermord / Ad Arma
Nuclear Vaticano / Morbid Goat Fornicator
Regeneration Through Depopulation / Hammergoat
War Of All Against All / Diocletian
At The Devil's Studio 1990 / Beherit
War, Cult, Supremacy / Conqueror

Death Metal
The Promise of Worse to Come / Incriminated
Gods Of Infernal Desolation / Festival Of Mutilation
Orchestrated Kill Maneuver / Invasion

Raza Odiada / Brujeria
Brujerizmo / Brujeria
Doing It For The Kids / Whore
Gorelics / Disgorge
Humanure / Cattle Decapitation
Xenosapien / Cephalic Carnage
Angry Anthems 1985-2010 / Agathocles
All Guts, No Glory / Exhumed

Thrash Metal
Paganfire Tasteless Revenge / Paganfire
Hemiplegia / Jurassic Jade
Satan Inside / Alcoholokaust
Duros, Ebrios Y Lujuriosos / Bestial Possession
Verdun 1916 / Verdun 1916
Evil Metal / Voor
Seeds Of Revolution / Thrashgrinder
Jesus Is Not Here Today / Sodomizer
Not A God, Just An Executioner / Pyöveli

Folk/Viking(Pagan) Metal
Of Myths And Legends / Black Messiah
Kvenland / Stormheit
Redemption at the Puritan's Hand / Primordial
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